The Crystal Ridge Story

Welcome to Crystal Ridge Boarding Kennels and Farm!

We have had boarding adventures in our life -- trying to travel with five dogs at home, yes five! Out newest addition is a miniature Dachshund named Hank. We never quite felt good about leaving our dogs. We felt like we were sending them to prison while we went off to have fun. Thus, the idea of our own kennel was born, to fill a need -- plus, we LOVE dogs...seemed like a fit.

We've designed our kennel to correct all the issues we have found over the years and to allow you to travel and have fun -- knowing your pets are safe and happy. It's a home-style environment. Everything we'd want to feel comfort in leaving our dogs or cats. Check us out! We've went over and beyond the call of duty to be unique and even offer the lowest rates around. Sound good?

We have a small licensed farm where we raise organic produce, free range eggs, chickens, and our favorite...Geese! They share the property and entertain the dogs. We have 5 private acres and we are attached to state land. It's quiet and quite pretty, wooded with pines, blue spruce and cherry. We enjoy a beautiful view of Crystal Mountain, just a stone's throw away.

Nice to meet you and hope to see you in person soon!